Sunday, August 7, 2011

List of Derogatory words maintained by the Independent Scholars at The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd


  1. Hi Collin,
    I do know the word Cholo or Chola. Where is it from? Which culture and which language ?

    The word Chola does have a familiar sound to it from Hindi, which I speak. And in Hindi it would mean the garment worn by a monk. Always a Terracota dyed garment. Sometimes called 'garehu' which is Terracota mud in Hindi.

    However, that would, in no way be derogatory.

    Possibly you refer to a different word in a different language?

    Please let us know,

    Narveen Aryaputri.
    The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd.

    1. Collin,
      Correction: in the first line: I do not know the words .

      Sorry, I am on my iPad and the speed of this machiene is faster than my review before posting.