Friday, June 17, 2011

2012: Apocalypse or Enlightenment: cultural phenomenon of the Mayan Calendar

Mwc Bayles • I feel The Beatles fit into this discussion, becuase they conveyed a message to peace and love through the pop culture to people who might have not heard the message, otherwise. Still the philosophers and others are also very important.
Mwc Bayles • I'm sure that the Mayan Calendar and philosophers talk about the apocalypse better that The Beatles, although they have something to say. I apologize for getting a little off track.

. Narveen Aryaputri • Actually, Mike Bayles, I believe you are very much on track.
It is limiting to withhold our discussion to a few thinkers. It is limiting to eliminate the Beatles from our discussion.
Why? They were a force at that time, enough of a force to be included in the esoteric " government" of UK at that time ( that inclusion had created a huge wave..)
The reason: is the sociological phenomenon, the message, the contribution and the end result.
However, I will leave the explantation and details of this to Michael Rosenthal. He, and the others here, can give an insightful reason why the '60s are a significant part of this movement we are experiencing right now.
, I have a quote from the e-G8 meeting just held in Paris, France on invitation by Mr. Sarkozy, where among other internet leaders, Mark Zucherberg and Jimmy Wales were present. This e-G8 preceeded the G8 meeting currently finishing up at Deauville in France.
The quote directly addresses the question of inclusion of the 60s philosophy and the Beatles influence that Abby brought up and that Mike Bales and Mike Rosenthal and Joe Nobling have been discussing.
This quote is interesting, and its relevence to our discussion is, as I say: delicious!
The quote is by Mr. Barlow, a former lyricist for the Grateful Dead and Wyoming rancher who used Mr. Sarkozy's e-G8 summit to take a stand against anti-piracy laws.
Such initiatives, " refuse to recognise that the net is one continuous thing adn if you control one aspect, you control all of it. You sart out with intellectual property adn you end up with expression that you do not like. You cannot control free speech. It is as simple as that."

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